Creation process

The process of making these pieces has two main steps:

1) The piece itself: each piece receives a unique treatment, depending on the material being used. According to the clothing´s fabric, certain products are necessary, which dry naturally over 15 days while at the same time molding the piece to give it the structure that the author is trying to create. The final feeling that the finished piece gives off is one of being in motion, and it is so personalized that even certain physical characteristics of each athlete can be recreated.

2) The background for the piece: this also reflects part of the jersey´s history; this is captured in the moment, it reflects the game or event and shapes the complete work as this connection between the jersey and the created background is what gives witness to this historic moment. When everything comes together, this is what gives its unique character.

The backgrounds are personalized by the author and agree to by the star so give it the most unique character possible and so that the piece gives off this personal character that is Unrepeatable.